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AI-1200 CO Monitor with LED Display

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AGS ™ with Snif™ technology, and now with a backlit LCD display, the 1200 monitor will accurately measure and display CO levels from 12 ppm to 250 ppm. It also includes alarms like the 1100 with a panel of flashing lights and 92 decibel audio that begins at 30 ppm and grows in intensity to 120 ppm. The Snif™ technology provides an update every 4 seconds when in alarm to help you find the source, see the trend and otherwise manage the CO event. Like all of our V2 models, it now has a motion switch option built into it. When motion switch management is chosen, the monitor will turn itself on by any movement and if it doesn’t sense CO or hasn’t moved in 45 minutes, it will shut itself off. The motion switch allows passive screening capability that can dramatically stretch your battery life without risk of forgetting to turn the monitor on – or off. Like all of our monitors, there is no routine bump testing or calibration required and the monitor is warranted for five years, even the sensor and its calibration is included in the warranty.

*1200 EX Version Comes with a 10 Yr. Warranty and 1 sensor change @ 5 Years

Reliable AGS TechnologyTM - solid state sensors offer 5 years of warranted use and automated performance.

Low Maintenance - no routine bump testing and no calibration reduces cost and liability.

Fail Safe - will alert you if something is wrong.
Easy to Use - No zeroing, no set up. Just look for a green status light.

Cost Effective - 5 year warranty and no support equipment necessary.
UL Approved - Certified intrinsically safe units approved by for use in Class 1,

Division 1, Groups A, B, C, and D environments.

Audible and Visual Alarm - LCD readout (Except AI-1100), flashing lights and 92 decibel audio alarm.

AA battery powered - readily available in any emergency. Motion Switch Technology - auto on and off.

Rugged, Lightweight, Portable Design- weighs 4.8 oz and measures 3.9 X 2.3 x .09 Inch

Low Battery Warning- - battery low and battery dead indication. Backlit LCD Screen - better visibility in poor light conditions.