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AI-1400 HCN Monitor with LED Display

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AI-1400 Hydrogen Cyanide Monitor
Visual and Audio alarms at CO level of 5 ppm and 10ppm with a maximum reading of 50ppm.

3 year warranty

Includes AGS™ Technology with Snif™ and a backlit LCD display, the 1400 HCN monitor will accurately measure and display HCN levels from 5 ppm to 50 ppm. It also includes alarms with a panel of flashing lights and 92 decibel audio that begins at 5 ppm. The Snif™ technology provides an update every 4 seconds when in alarm to help you find the source, see the trend and otherwise manage the event. Like all of our monitors, there is no routine bump testing or calibration required and the monitor is warranted for three years, even the sensor and its calibration is included in the warranty.