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RAMFAN EX50Li - Zero Down Time Package

RAMFAN EX50Li - Zero Down Time Package

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Package includes

1 - Fan EX50Li

1 - Truck Mount Bracket

1 - Dual Battery Charger

4- 40V Li Batteries 

Save over $1200 with this great package - everything you need

Stay unplugged, indefinitely! Swappable battery packs with enhanced IP66 water jet protection to protect against the inevitable sweep of the fire hose. The ability to have extra packs ready to go removes the limitations of other battery fan concepts, leading towards full corded fan replacement on the fire ground.

40V Lithium Ion battery packs! Advanced, high energy density 432 Wh Lithium Ion battery system was designed specifically for the high draw and sustained run-time applications demanded of PPV fans.

Equipped with 2nd generation PowerStream® airflow straighteners for flexible positioning, reduced noise inside the structure and a deeper FlowPath™ through the structure.

More than just a PPV fan. The RAMFAN® EX50Li can replace outdated smoke ejectors. The perfectly balanced fan can hang from a door bar.
Operate the fan off battery power to avoid the tripping hazard of power cords.
No more time spent searching for an outlet.

If you are searching for the best cordless PPV fan, nothing comes close to the RAMFAN EX50Li, powered by the latest Lithium Ion technology available.

RAMFAN® is the world leader in Battery Powered PPV technology, offering the most advanced solutions to firefighters around the globe. Our exclusive line of RAMFAN® Lithium-Ion battery packs provide up to twice the run-time and 5x more battery life than competing battery powered PPV fans. RAMFAN batteries deliver best in class performance in extreme conditions, with no memory effect.

Rapidly charge Li-Ion battery packs on the RAMFAN EX50Li or the RAMFAN external charger. Don't go through an entire shift with a non operational fan because the batteries are still charging, RAMFAN 40V Li-Ion batteries will fully charge in 4 hours.

*Batteries Sold Separately

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