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Lifeline JAWZ - SCUBA-DIVER Self Rescue Tool

Lifeline JAWZ - SCUBA-DIVER Self Rescue Tool

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One of a Kind Scuba-Diver Self-Rescue Tool

Co-Developed with the NYPD Emergency Services Unit

 3/8-Inch Highly Corrosive Resistant Nitro-V Exotic Blend German Steel

 High Corrosive Resistant Thermo Plastic Sheath With Innovative Single-Handed Release

 Innovative Cutting Surface Comprised of a Highly Sharpened Blade Area that Blends Into Aggressive Serrations

 Chromium Nitride Coating with Lifetime Corrosion Resistance Guaranteed (Superior to Titanium)  

 Secondary Wire-Cutting Surface Designed to Address Entanglements with Fishing Lines

 Designed To Cut Through A Broad Spectrum of Underwater Materials, from precision cutting fishing line, netting and rope to more challenging materials

Thick Robust Steel Ideal for Prying Materials Underwater 
  • Highly Corrosive Resistant Fluorescent Handles for Increased Underwater Detection (Optional Black-Out Handles for Military Scuba Teams)
  • Standard Attachment Equipment (Included)


    Upgrade Option:

    Blackout Coating – Diamond-Like coating on blade and bardware featuring increased hardening for full blackout effect (black handle with blackout coating specifically designed for military scuba teams) $20.00


    Molly Clips attachment point accessory  $10.00
    Tek Loc attachment point accessory  $10.00
    Retractor  $20.00