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Taker R40 Riot Shield Light

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The FoxFury Taker R40 is a compact, retrofittable 650 lumen LED light for riot shields. This strobe-capable riot shield light provides military, corrections and law enforcement with an effective non-lethal crowd control (anti-riot) solution.

The Taker R40 serves as a non-lethal force multiplier. Press the pressure switch to select between continuous light or a disorienting Turbo-Strobe™. The Taker R40 is designed to mount to the inside of clear Polycarbonate and Lexan™ riot shields, which prevents it from getting hit or accessed by rioters. The Taker R40 mounts via industrial strength reclosable fasteners (Velcro®) or by drilling the shield and securing with bolts.

The lightweight R40 utilizes CREE LED technology and is powered by a rechargeable power pack. Additional replacement Quickswap™ power packs are available should batteries need to be switched out in the field. The R40 is waterproof, flame resistant, and designed for use in corrections, cell extraction, riots, crowd control.

Retrofittable DesignRetrofittable Design

This light can quickly be attached to the inside of riot shields by either using VELCRO or be drilling holes to secure the light in place. This protects the light from getting hit and grabbed. 

Ultra DurableUltra Durable

FoxFury shield lights are fully waterproof, fire-resistant, impact-resistant and can be used in all-weather situations. They will hold up in challenging environments and can even be decontaminated if needed.


Recharge the lithium-ion Ouick Swap™ power pack with Micro USB charger (included). The QuickSwap™ power pack can quickly be swapped out as necessary without having to remove the light from the shield. Additional rechargeable power packs (sold separately) can be charged and utilized when necessary.

Lumens 650 Lumens
Battery Life 1 - 1.75 hours
Power Source Rechargeable Battery Pack
Modes 2 (Continuous On, Turbo-Strobe™)
Weight 7.3oz (206g) with Power Pack and Light Head
2.4oz (69g) Power Pack
Dimensions 2.6” x 2.4” x 3.8” (66 x 60 x 97mm)
Certifications CE
Ingress Protection IPX7
Fire Resistant Meets NFPA 1971-8.6 (2013) Requirements
Waterproof Yes
Impact Resistant 9.8 ft (3 m)
LED Color White
Color Temperature 5700K
Operating Temperature 14°F (-10°C) to 300°F (149°C)


Fits most riot shields
Two intensities
Mounted to the inside of the shield, it prevents the light from being grabbed by the opposing force



2 year

What's Included


Taker R40 Shield Light (Power Pack and Light Head), capture adaptor, Mirco USB Charger, hardware, 3M Reclosable Fastener

Optional Accessories


Taker R40 Quick Swap™ Power Pack, P/N N50-210
Rugo Guards (Top and Bottom), P/N 51-905
O-Ring Replacement Kit, P/N 51-112